Building Collaboration through Problem Solving

Two Day Workshop
$900.00 per person
“Off the shelf”
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    Workshop Description:   A key skill of leadership, at any level, is the ability to collaborate.  In this workshop, we will discuss the components of true collaboration, when it is appropriate, ways to work toward it and the benefits of collaboration in the workplace or within organizations.  After we have discussed and practiced collaborative skills, we will experience a proven rapid problem-solving methodology that depends on collaboration: WorkOut.  We will have a simulated issue (problem) that needs to be resolved that we can use to practice the steps of “WorkOut” with any group.  However, businesses or organizations that are sending two or more people are encouraged to bring a cross-functional issue or problem facing them, so we can literally “WorkOut” the solution(s) during the seminar (Please send a message at the “Inquire Here” link to coordinate the issue with instructors.) The WorkOut process incorporates collaboration of a cross-functional team to follow a 1.5-2 day problem-solving process to solve issues with the people involved in the process. Institutionalizing WorkOut will help institutionalize collaboration and problem-solving into the culture of the business or organization.