Change Acceleration Process

Change Acceleration Process
3 Day Workshop

$1,350.00 (All inclusive)
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Change is a given phenomenon in our fast paced society today.  All people react differently to change.  Knowing how to prepare for and move through a systematic process for change is an asset to any individual.  This workshop can provide you with a model and tools to do just that.  Knowing how to prepare for and accelerate change with a group of people is invaluable.

One of the most famous change management models (and set of tools) was originally designed by a team commissioned by Jack Welch at General Electric in the early 1980’s.  Many models have been similarly designed and always have most of the same components. In this seminar, we will share the original Change Acceleration Process, its major components of change and the tools and skills needed for successful personal and/or organizational change.

NOTE: If companies or organizations send more than one person or a team to this seminar, we suggest you bring a change project with you so we can work on that initiative during breakouts as we practice each tool and concept.