Generational Collaboration

Generational Collaboration Workshop
1 Day – $450.00 per person (Includes all materials)
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 Workshop Description:
Leaders at any level in organizations today will, at some point in time, find themselves working with at least 4 generations, and sometimes 5 generations, either as fellow team members, or, side by side in the office, plant, or organization. This is the first time in American history that at least 4 or 5 generations are present working side by side in services and manufacturing workforces, in social groups, in congregations, and even in our families. We often hear that this is only an HR issue, as the HR team needs to develop, motivate and retain the best and brightest talent from all generations to ensure organization’s success. We agree there is an absolute necessity that the HR team is well versed on all 5 generational traits and perspectives, but we contend that it is just as necessary for all employees to grasp the perspectives, motivations, and expectations of all generations. We’ve found that sharing the events of each generation that helped form the perspectives they have ingrained, helps build respect and acceptance; it is never truer that “we just don’t know what we don’t know” about the generations!  At the same time, we will highlight the common points of disagreement based on generational differences.

Rather than letting misunderstanding and tension brew in your organization, church, social group, or family, join us for this workshop where we will share knowledge and skills to better communicate and work in harmony with all generations. During our workshop, we will highlight an awareness around the definition of a generation, the distinct perspectives, motivations, and expectations of each generational group, and how to best communicate with each. We’ll discuss ‘cuspers’ and the role they can play in unifying the generations; we’ll do activities to emphasize the similarities and differences. We’ll also develop personal action plans for how to use the information going forward. Come join us to learn the skills to build positive working relationships where each generation contributes to the other generations! Together we can help narrow the divides that exist today.