Lean Principles & Tools Overview

Lean Principles & Tools Overview
“Off the shelf” hands-on seminar
Two Day seminar $900.00 per person (all inclusive)

The main idea behind “lean manufacturing,” often just called “lean” because it applies to so much more than manufacturing, is quite simple!  It means relentlessly working to eliminate waste from everything we do.

So, what is waste?   Waste is any activity that does not add value from the customer’s perspective.  During this workshop, we will explore research that has repeatedly found that up to 75% of process steps in our typical daily work is “waste”these steps add no value for the customer.  To better recognize process steps, we will practice process mapping, as well as, ‘value stream mapping’ and the difference between the two types of maps.   

The 5 Lean Principles allow a systematic process to follow when using lean to improve a process.  We will use a simulation to practice the 5 Lean Principles and which lean tools are often used during each principle.  Besides Value Stream Mapping, during the interactive, hands-on experiences of the two days, we will use a simulation to practice the application of lean tools and skills such as 5S, Waste Identification, PDCA, Standard Work, Visual Management, Kaizen, and Mistake Proofing.    

We will also practice models to identify customer value, such as the Kano Model and tools/techniques to drill down to find what is NOT meeting the customer needs, such as the Fishbone Diagram and the 5 Whys. 

Since Lean execution involves people working together on lean projects, during the simulation we will identify and practice team facilitation tools, implementation of lean culture and strategy, as well as, the importance of leading from all levels in an organization.