"The kind words of those with whom we have had the pleasure of doing business." --Mary Romeo

Testimonials - Rafiee
Setarah Rafiee - Marketing Director - Middle East & Pakistan at GE Healthcare

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mary Romeo for the past 3 years. Being based in the US, she has crossed borders and brought impactful leadership and trainings to individuals and companies across the Middle East. From the initial needs assessments to customizing curriculum to ensure the clients goals and expectations for the trainings are met, Mary provides exceptional expertise and unwavering passion and commitment to each and every client. Mary has a gift. Her life’s mission is to enable the success of others and with every ounce of her being, this is who she is and what she does. She is a linchpin. Mary provides people and companies the tools necessary to flourish & succeed including leadership development and facilitating complete strategic plans. In addition I have seen first-hand the time and dedication she gives to coaching and mentoring. She takes a personal interest to enable her clients success whether it be coaching using tools like MBTI or providing advice and guidance to hundreds of professional women teaching them influencing skills or how to build a personal mission statement. Mary’s commitment to every person she meets, her passion for excellence in every interaction and exuberance in which she starts every day does not waver for a second. Mary is a fantastic mentor and I have personally learned a tremendous amount from her. Mary defines what it means to be a leader…not only in GE but also in life. I am so thankful I have the opportunity to work & learn from such an exceptional woman.

Tomas Chadwick - Group CFO at Surgical Care Affiliates

I had the opportunity to partner facilitating with Mary for high profile, critically key international customers of Aviation Services. Mary did detailed needs assessments to develop objectives and then create the perfect curriculum and activities to keep the participants engaged from the kick off to the end. Besides being 100% students from China, our audience crossed 4 generations. Her expertise and experience in andragogy allows her the advantage of preparing an agenda that is a perfect mix of simulations, activities and lecture. The depth of her knowledge in leadership and growth domains allows her to flex during breakouts and discussions to give examples and site scholars whenever needed. The participants leave the classes having exceeded every objective and feeling energized and eager to implement what they've learned.


Joanna Serkowski - Carve Out Transition Leader

Mary’s hallmark is fully investing herself to mentoring, coaching and developing the people with whom she works. She goes the extra mile, and then another. Mary brings talent, heart, and passion to her work. She takes time to understand the Customer's needs and then exceeds expectations. Mary’s authenticity and integrity, backed by talent and experience, enable collaboration, learning and success.

Georgia Tsagalis - Managing Director, Brand Management

I have been fortunate enough to work with Mary for over 10 years and have been her customer, trainee and peer. Mary brings to bear a breadth and depth of skills including strategic planning, Meyers-Briggs typing, Emotional Intelligence, Lean/Six Sigma, Change Management, and the list goes on. The level of preparation and dedication to her customers & workshop participants is unrivaled and like nothing I’ve seen. She is exceptionally skilled at listening and honing in on specific customer needs and creating customized curriculum to meet those needs. I highly recommend Mary for any kind of cultural, process or strategic change initiatives.

Bob Bedford - Organizational Transformation| Executive Leadership| Consultative Selling| Equipment Financing| Growth Leader GE Capital

Mary is truly a “one-of a-kind” individual both professionally and personally. She has a broad and deep background and her experience and expertise are matched by few, if any. In addition, her passion for the customer and helping others improve and realize their potential (both as an organization and individually) is the fuel that drives her.

I have personally had the opportunity to work with Mary in a variety of settings and her ability to deliver content and craft presentations that drive desired outcomes, while at the same time engaging the entire group with which we're working is truly a differentiator.

I can't recommend Mary highly enough. I can promise you this, that if you have the opportunity to engage her services directly, not only will your organization benefit tremendously in the results delivered, but she will also have a positive impact upon the collective "heart" and culture of the company as well.

Testimonials - Jehlik
Greg Jehlik - CEO at Maxcess International

Mary led 2 leadership sessions for or NA team and also one for our European team. It was apparent from our first session a year ago that Mary was a top flight facilitator and presenter. Each session involved a great deal of prep so that the product that was delivered was spot on. The sessions were fun, informative, organized and enriching for all who participated. I would highly recommend Mary for training and facilitating.

Testimonials - Sakai
Naoki Sakai - President & CEO at K. Sakai & Co, Ltd.

I had the privilege of being trained by Mary when I joined GE Capital in 1998. As an RMLP, about 15 new recruits went through a six month 'boot camp' which focused on Quality Six Sigma, various management training and introduction to senior leaders in GE Capital. She has the gift of tailoring her message and approach to people of multiple backgrounds, nationalities and levels in the organizations.

Mary's teachings built the foundation of my management training at GE and beyond. I continue to refer to her teachings in many of the management decisions I make today. She is very energetic and I would highly recommend her for any organization looking to strengthen its management team.

Testimonials - Nejeschleba
Maria Nejeschleba - Customer Insights Manager at Wells Fargo

I've worked with Mary on numerous engagements, and it's been a privilege. Mary's energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Her teaching style is one that brings the best out of people, and she clearly cares about people and their development.

Mary not only excels in training, she helps clients with strategic planning by helping them shape their vision and create a strategy to make it happen. The process is almost as impressive as the end result. Clients come out with a clear mission and actionable insights to make that vision a reality.

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Dana Palermo - Benefits and Wellness Manager at Harcros Chemicals

Thank you Mary for facilitating our Leadership workshop in September. Your interactive sessions on personality types and generation differences proved invaluable for our group of managers.

The education and activities you provided on the different aspects of communication will be applied through our organization. Your feedback and helpful resources helped our managers see how they can apply these practices to their specific work group.

Each person left this training with their own personal reflections as well as setting goals together as a group which will be useful for the organization as a whole. Thanks for making this training so powerful! We truly appreciate it.

Testimonials - DiGiacoma
Mark DiGiacoma - Principal at Crossroads Leadership Development, LLC

Mary Romeo is an extraordinarily gifted leader in the areas of strategic planning, visioning and leadership development.

Mary offers many highly successful strategies to improve leadership effectiveness by combining years of deep domain experience with great passion and empathy. Mary’s experience comes from years guiding senior leaders in academia, the military and business. Her passion and empathy come from an unquenchable internal desire to help her fellow man/woman

Tony Lindgren - Continuous Improvement Manager - Master Black Belt at Arctic Cat Inc.

Throughout the past 5 years, Mary has made exceptional efforts at mentoring me as a Master Black Belt. Mary was an instrumental figure in developing and deploying our initial Lean Six Sigma deployment. Mary has the ability to not only mentor existing leaders within the business, but also to serve as a key catalyst in the knowledge transfer process. Our Lean Sigma success today has been a direct result of the professional guidance and mentoring by Mary. Based upon the strong diverse background in both the private sector, along with her military expertise, I feel Mary is a key resource for any organization faced with growth opportunity challenges. I personally would recommend Mary not only based on her technical expertise of Six Sigma, but also her compassion and true desire for building exceptional teams.

Testimonials - Wynn
Earl Wynn, PMP, CISA, CISSP, CSSB, CSM - Monitoring Solutions Leader, Global Operations - CoreTech at GE

Mary is a very detailed-oriented and energetic leader. I enjoyed not only working with Mary but also learning a great deal form her about organizing and coordinating National events for a global organization.

I worked with Mary at General Electric as part of the GE Veteran Network (GEVN) Professional Development Committee. As the leader of the Committee, Mary’s ability to organize the group, produce several exceptional training and workshop sessions and her ability to coordinate this at a national level for our prestigious National Summit was amazing to watch.

I immediately was drawn to her sincere personal quality and true passion for veterans, along with admiring her abilities to deliver on learning and development objectives. I welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

Testimonials - Varghese
Asha Varghese - Director, Global Health at GE Foundation

It’s rare that you come across an outstanding talent like Mary! I had the pleasure of working with Mary on a Global Corporate Social Responsibility initiative for GE for well over a year. The task was unique in that it required bringing together corporate talent into a community with a focus on training. If there is one person that could create such a customized curriculum and efficiently train our talented group of leaders, it is Mary. Her ability to execute despite challenging environments and her passion in helping others succeed is truly remarkable. Mary Romeo would be an asset to any team and I look forward to working with her in the future on solving some of the world’s toughest challenges.

Robert Morton - Experienced commercial leader driving strategic account sales

I have had the honor and privilege of working with Mary for 14+ years. She is trusted colleague, an incredible friend and the master teacher of teachers.

You will not find anyone better than Mary, who can develop and deliver a customized training program that is so incredibly customized, relevant, engaging, fun and delivered with pure passion for helping people improve their knowledge, skills and abilities in the personal and professional life.

Mary's certifications and range of knowledge has no limits. She expertly dances across topics from operational improvement to leadership development, conflict resolution, MBTI, Emotional Itelligence.... and so much more. If you are ever in need of a training development officer, Mary Romeo should be your first and last call to make.


Isabelle Monlouis - Experienced Transformation Leader - Consulting

Grace and Integrity. With perfect balance between commitment to excellence and commitment to service, Mary consistently delivers above and beyond expectations. A consummate professional, Mary’s commitment to training and development is eclipsed only by her exemplary work ethic. But what sets Mary’s work apart might be the contagious enthusiasm and “yes you can”, and “I’ll help you” attitudes which permeate the learning space. I think of it as stealth learning. Starting with a deep understanding of needs, coupled with perfectly customized curriculum and culminating with execution combined with real life examples, hands-on practices and bursts of laughter, you’ll be surprised about how much you learned and how much you retained. And you’ll find yourself asking for more.

Cathy Joseph - OD/Talent Management Consultant | Training Facilitator

Mary and I started working together in 1997 and I still remember things I learned from her today. Only Mary could find a way to make Six Sigma interesting to someone predominately right-brained! Her way of personalizing training and engaging everyone in the room crosses all learning styles and personality types. Her commitment to those in the room with her is matched in kind every step of the way.


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